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Finding a Baby Teacup Yorkshire Terrier to Call your Own

Finding a baby teacup Yorkshire terrier to call your own can seem like a difficult adventure. They are in extremely high demand so there simply isn't enough of them to go around.

The process of making them involves breeding the smallest dogs to get that size. It shouldn't be more than five pounds in weight.

It can be very hard for the female Yorkies to produce offspring very often. The smaller that they are the more complications they will have with the delivery. Therefore breeders need to space out the litters to allow the female to recover properly.

They also need to get regular checkups from the vet to ensure they are healthy enough to carry these puppies without harming themself.

You want to follow all avenues when it comes to locating puppies for sale. Sometimes you will come across free Yorkies and so you will want to jump on that quickly.

They may just want to see the puppies going to a good home. You can be sure they will be claimed very quickly so you need to contact the owner as soon as you see the ad.

There are also dog rescues out there where you may be able to find a puppy. There may be a waiting list for them though so you should get your name added to it as soon as you can.

If you really want this type of dog at an affordable price, you will need to be willing to wait.

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You can complete an application and go through the adoption process though. This way if the dog rescue doesn't think you will be a good match for one you will know in a short period of time.

You certainly don't want to wait for a long time on the list and then be denied the privilege of adopting one.

Should you decide to get this breed of dog immediately, you will likely need to buy it from a breeder. This is probably going to cost you a couple of thousand dollars.

Take care to investigate the breeder thoroughly before you hand over that amount of money. Find out how often they are breeding their dogs.

You should ask to see both the mom and the dad of the puppies as well. You don't want to take their word for it when they advertise puppies for sale. You want to be able to see the size of the parents so you can be confident that they will be as small as they should.

It is a good idea to get this information in writing as well. That way if the dog ends up growing to be larger than a teacup size you can get your money back.

If the breeder isn't willing to make such a guarantee then you need to continue shopping around. Finding a small pup to call your own can be a lot of fun and very exciting.

Take your time though to make sure you are going to get the best pet for you. They are extremely tiny so you want to make sure you are up to the task of caring for one. They can be a joy but you do need to make the environment very safe for them.


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