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The Smallest Yorkie Dogs

The smallest Yorkie dogs are the tea cups. They aren't a separate breed but rather the result of only breeding the very smallest dogs available.

As a result the puppies won't be very big either. Generally this breed will weigh between 3 and 5 pounds when it is fully mature.

They are extremely expensive to purchase from a breeder though. You can anticipate spending several thousands of dollars if you want to own one.

They are also referred to as a toy pup in many parts of the country. People really enjoy them because they are so tiny in size. They can fit into your pocket or a purse.

It isn't uncommon to see them carried around in a handbag with only their head peaking out so they can see what is going on around them.

It is often one you see various celebrities carrying around. There is a certain prestige in our society involved with them. You will find some people take them out just so they can bask in the spotlight with them.

They are definitely an attention getter but that shouldn't be your only reason for wanting to own one.

Some people don't want to have to take care of a large dog. It can be difficult to control them on a lease as well as very expensive to pay for their food.

If you live in an apartment or a home that is small you may not have room for a medium sized or a large dog. So this small dog may be perfect for the accommodations you have available.

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Even though this breed is smaller, it still requires many of the same things as any other dog. You will need to make sure you pay attention to the grooming of it.

Regular trims as well as keeping it brushed is vital to keep their hair healthy and to prevent it from clumping up.

They are also prone to many different health concerns. This is a genetic issue for the most part with Yorkies. The small size can make it extremely difficult for them to deliver puppies on their own.

Many small dogs don't do well under anesthesia either. That means they may not survive a cesarean delivery that requires the vet to assist with it.

You need to be sure your pup doesn't end up falling off a bed or table as well. They can also get excited and run underfoot. You don't want to risk it getting stepped on.

Therefore you may want to kennel it while you are running around the house cleaning or completing other types of chores where you can't keep a constant eye on them. If you enjoy shopping you will find some great clothes and accessories for your dog as well.

It is great fun to put them in costume from time to time. You can find any style of outfit you want for this type of dog online.

The smallest Yorkie dogs are the tea cup. There is no doubt they are very nice pets to have. They aren't going to take up very much space and they love to interact with people.

Yet you have to be sure you have a safe enough environment for them to thrive in. They are going to take up a great deal of time so don't get one just because it is the cutest thing you have seen!


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