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Getting a Silky Coat on Your Yorkie

leaf One of the most noticeable things on a Yorkie is their coat. You will notice that they have extremely long and fine hair. You will also find that they have a variety of different colors to offer.

They include shades of black, brown, dark blue, gold, and tan. All of them blend well together and that makes it a very lovely dog indeed.

You definitely want your pup to feature a very shiny coat regardless of how you keep the hair styled or what colors it features. There are many things you need to do in order to accomplish this. Silky and these little breed of dogs are words that should go together if you are keeping on top of things.

Being well groomed in essential to the overall look of a miniature Yorkshire terrier. Even though they are quite small in size they need to be groomed daily with a brush.

Long strokes that start at the root of the hair and go all the way to the ends are what you want to accomplish. This will help eliminate knots from forming and keep the hair smooth.

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Try to get into the habit of brushing your pup each night. Let it curl up on your lap and relax while you do this. Get a good quality brush too so all of the dead skin and loose hair can be removed. What you will have left over is a silky little dog with gorgeous hair.

Regular trimmings of this hair is essential for your pup. It doesn't matter if you plan to do it yourself or take your pet to a groomer. You definitely need to stay on top of this. When the hair gets too long it won't look as nice.

You will also find it is difficult to comb out. Try to mark it down on the calendar so you can know when it needs to be done. If you feel you are doing it too often then consider a shorter hair cut for your pup.

It is important to wash your pet regularly with a mild soap. Baby soap works perfect for it.

You don't want to bathe your pup too often though or it can remove some of the natural oils that they body produces. You also don't want to use adult soap as it will irritate the skin.

As a result it could become dry and flaky. Keep an eye out for this when you are brushing your puppy. If they are scratching quite often or you see that an area is red and irritated you may need to change soaps.

It could also be the sign of an infection by a parasite or a food allergy. Therefore the best course of action is to take your dog in to the vet to evaluate the situation.

Another factor that will help you get and maintain a silky coat on your favorite little pup is to feed it a quality diet. Choose premium dry dog food and make sure you are offering enough of it each day.

Avoid giving your pup other types of foods as tempting as it may be to spoil them in such a way. Your vet can help you determine which brand of dog food to offer as well as how much so your pet is getting everything it needs to be healthy.


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