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Getting your Hands on a Quality Yorkie

leaf Yorkies are amazing dogs and that is why they are really hard to get your hands on. People from all backgrounds are asking breeders for them on a regular basis.

Since these breeders strive to keep the males and females they own healthy they aren't breeding them as often as they can. Instead they focus on their overall health as well as the quality of the dogs.

It is important that you evaluate the quality of the breeder if you want a quality dog from them. Pay attention to what they are selling and why.

Ask them why they are passionate abut the Yorkies. They should be interested in so much more than just the money they make from selling the puppies.

They should be interested in pursuing the quality of the breed overall. This means they are trying to identify any genetic problems that can be prevented.

They are also keeping the dogs happy because they are well cared for. Find out about their diet and their living conditions.

If you are able to go to the breeding location it is better for you. Ask to see the parents of the Yorkshire terrier you are thinking of purchasing.

Pay attention to how they look as well as how they walk. You can tell a great deal from these dogs the size your Yorkies will get. You can also see any possible traits they may develop from their parents.

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If you are looking for Yorkies for sale in Oregon you will be happy to know there are some great breeders around. Many of them offer warranties so that you can feel confident you are getting a good quality Yorkie.

For example if it grows to be more than a certain size or you discover it is a terrier mix instead of a purebred you can bring it back for a refund.

Many refunds relating to Yorkies cover specific types of medical problems that may occur during the first year or other specific time frame.

This is due to the many medical problems that this breed has been know to develop. Such a guarantee can help ensure you are getting a quality Yorkie.

It is important to understand the unique features and qualities of Yorkies as well. This will likely prevent you from being sold a terrier mix as a full blooded Yorkie.

This often happens not from breeders but from puppy mills who want to do anything they can to make as much profit as possible.

If you are going to have a Yorkie, chances are you want the best quality you can get. That can be extremely expensive though.

You may be able to offset that cost by purchasing older Yorkies. They don't have the same demand as the puppies so they don't cost as much.

While some people don't like this due to the fact they miss out on the younger years, it can be perfect. For example if you want a Yorkie that is calmer go with an older one.

If you don't want the struggles of house breaking then avoid Yorkies who are little or it will be a nightmare for you.

You can also see if your local animal shelter has any Yorkies to offer for adoption. The costs involved in doing so are often much less expensive than buying one from a breeder.

You can also be assured they have had a complete medical exam to look for potential medical ailments.


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