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Evaluating Yorkie Puppies before You Buy One

leaf Yorkie puppies are very small and very cute! Therefore it is understandable that people become quite excited by the prospect of buying one.

However, before you fork over the cash for one you need to evaluate them. You need to do your best to make sure you are going to get a very good quality, healthy dog to call your own.

Pay close attention to the behaviors of the puppies you may be looking at buying. Try to spend some time interacting with them. Some will be very active and on the go.

Others will be calmer so it is going to depend on which type you are interested in. You will also notice some puppies are very curious and outgoing. Others are more timid and shy about their surroundings.

Most breeders have no problem with you spending some time evaluating their puppies. They understand you want this commitment to be one you are happy with. They also know it can be a steep investment so you want to get your money’s worth.

If possible see the mom and dad of the particular puppies you are considering. Pay attention to their size, demeanor, and even how they walk. This will all give you some indication of what you can expect from your puppy in the future should you buy it.

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One thing you definitely want to evaluate is the size of the parents if you are looking for a Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy. By definition these aren’t to be more than five pounds when they are fully grown.

By evaluating both of the parents you can see for yourself just how big they are as an adult. This will allow you to determine if the puppies you are looking at will fall into that size category or not. It is also a good idea to get some type of written guarantee from the breeder as to the final size of it.

Parti Yorkies have become extremely popular in recent years. This is due to the unique look and characteristics that they offer. When you seek these puppies you need to know what to look for.

The most important is their coloring. Around the eyes you should be seeing patterns of black and tan. The overall coat will be snow white with some black spots on it. The coat on these puppies should be very silky.

In order for Parti Yorkies to be recognized by the AKC they must conform to the overall look. Make sure the required features are noticeable in the puppies before you buy them.

Some areas to check are the design of their legs and their tails. The shape of their ears and nose are also important.

Choosing from a group of puppies can prove to be quite difficult. Each of them will have a unique look and their own personality. In fact, you will likely want to take several of them home with you. However, the more time you spend with them the more likely you are to make the right choice.

When shopping for your new pet, if you feel that a breeder is pushing you to make a choice then go shop somewhere else. You don’t want to regret your purchasing decision later on. Finding puppies that have a temperament you will be compatible with is very important.

You don’t want one that gets on your nerves because it is so active. You also don’t want one you are disappointed with because it lays around too much.


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