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Find Quality Yorkie Puppies for a Low Price

leaf There is no question that Yorkies are well loved animals. They make excellent pets and owners are simply in love with how they look. They are easy to care for and they don’t get too large to handle.

Our society definitely looks at Yorkies as fancy dogs and so it can sometimes be a status thing to own one as much as to really enjoy such a dog for companionship.

One of the issues that often holds a person back from buying these pups though is the price. It can be hard to justify paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for any of the Yorkshire terriers out there.

Females are even more expensive than the males. There are many reasons for the high prices including the cost of caring for the dog’s basic needs and the veterinary care.

Yet if you do your homework you can find cheap puppies out there. This means you can get your hands on the dog you really want without spending a small fortune on one.

A word of caution though is that you want to be careful. A low price for Yorkies can indicate they aren’t offered by a reputable breeder.

There may be medical concerns with the puppies that aren’t being disclosed. Of course not all of the medical concerns of this breed can be found upfront even by a quality breeder. Yet if the person offering the dogs for sale isn’t evaluating the genetics of those they breed it can be a recipe for disaster.

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The reason you can sometimes find cheap Yorkie puppies is often due to the circumstances surrounding them. Not everyone with pups for sale is a breeder looking to make some profits off of the deal.

Some owners do allow their dog to breed. Then they sell the puppies for a low price. They want their dog to be able to have at least one litter before they get her fixed.

They offer cheap puppies so they can get them out of their home. They only want to make enough to cover the medical care of the mother if she had to go to the vet.

Many Yorkies have a hard time delivering their babies naturally and help with the birth can be very expensive. There is also the cost of feeding the puppies but for the most part it will be milk from the mother that they are living on.

There are also rescue centers and animal shelters out there where Yorkies are sometimes dropped off. Most of the time it is done in order to help them to find a great home. These locations don’t give the puppies to just anyone.

You have to complete a written application and show you will be responsible. They want the puppies to go to very good homes where their basic needs will be met and they will be loved.

Obtaining your pup from these centres will be much less than buying from a breeder. You will likely be charged an adoption fee, the cost of their food, the cost of their shots, and the cost of their medical care received. The actual value of what will be charged often depends on the location.

If you take the time to look around it is possible to find quality Yorkie puppies for a low price. Don’t feel that you simply can’t afford one if you really are interested in this breed.

It will require you to commit your time to seeing what is out there and evaluating what you will be getting in return.


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