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Keeping your Yorkie Puppy as Healthy as Possible

leaf It is vital that you take very good care of your Yorkie puppy. You want it to remain as healthy as possible. This means you are going to reduce the risk of it developing various medical ailments that plague this particular breed of dog.

Some of them are genetic in nature so you can’t completely eliminate the risk. Yet you can do your part to significantly reduce it.

You owe it to your Yorkshire terrier to really give it the care it deserves. These dogs can live to be about 15 years old.

You want that time to be full of fun and feeling good for your dog. You don’t want them to be suffering from various medical concerns as well as being in pain during that time.

It all starts by taking care of your puppy’s needs. This is something you must be committed to before you decide to purchase one.

Anyone can buy a new Yorkie puppy, but not everyone is responsible enough to really own one. They are a huge responsibility from the very start.

You need to work with a great veterinarian who is familiar with the needs of this breed. Ask about their specific experience as you want to make sure they can meet the needs of your puppy all the time.

They can let you know how often your Yorkie needs to be seen for routine testing and checkups.

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Since they are prone to a variety of medical concerns it may be a good idea to find out about insurance offered for them.

Make sure you go over all the details so you know what expenses will be covered. This can be a great way to get your puppy the care it needs at a price you can afford.

The size of them can be a concern as well. You really need to think about that because a Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy is only going to weigh a couple of pounds. Even at its full size you should expect it to be between 3 and 5 pounds.

Make sure you take a good look at their environment and make it safe. Since they are so small, falls, getting stepped on, or getting sat on can hurt or kill your new puppy.

It can also be very tempting to spoil your new pup due to how small and how cute they are. Giving them special treats of chocolate and other foods though isn’t a good idea.

It will prevent them from getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow. They may decide they don’t want to eat the proper dry dog food you offer either and hold out for more treats.

Make sure you feed them twice a day. Your vet can help you decide the right type of dry dog food for them.

If your puppy is acting strange after a feeding, he or she may have a food allergy. You may need to change the food you offer based on this so that they don’t suffer the negative side effects each time they eat.

It can be a chore to keep your puppy as healthy as possible. Yet it is going to be very rewarding to you in the long run. You are going to have a great looking dog that responds well to you and the environment it is in. You will get to spend many wonderful years enjoying your cute and cuddly friend.


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