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Tips to Help you Find Yorkie Pups

leaf Yorkie pups are in high demand due to how adorable they are. Most breeders have no trouble at all selling them as long as they are good quality and a decent price.

There are very few people who can resist these tiny pups. They really tug at the heart strings quickly and it can be hard to walk away without one.

These days Yorkies seem to be all over the place as they really do make excellent companions. The fact that these puppies won’t grow up to be very big is important to many owners.

They can handle a dog that size and don’t have to worry about the room it will need when it is full grown.

If you need some help finding these types of puppies for sale/adoption there are many resources you can turn to. If you know anyone with a Yorkie ask them where they got it from.

They likely know a breeder who they can refer you to. Ask your friends, family members, and co-workers as well. They can be on the look out for ads and even word of mouth about someone selling Yorkie puppies.

Keeping your eyes open will help you to find the pup you want for sale. Keep in mind that they often go fast so you need to be able to jump on what is offered.

That doesn’t mean you buy the first one you see though. Take some time to do your research and to evaluate what you are getting for the money.

You want to be sure you are getting a well breed Yorkie for your investment.

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Take a look at local resources as well to help you find pups in your area. Most people don’t want to travel several hours to go see a breeder and the pups.

There will likely be information posted at high traffic locations such as grocery store bulletin boards. Look in the classified ads as well.

The internet can also help you to search for breeders. There may be some locally or not too far away that you can go visit.

Make sure you find out as much information as you can about the breeder before you buy a puppy from them. Find out if there are any complaints against them. You should also find out if they are members of various accredited Yorkie associations.

Your local animal shelter can assist you as well. They may have one that is ready for adoption.

There are many reasons why pups end up at shelters. Someone who owns the female may want to get rid of them instead of selling them.

The mother may have died during the delivery and so she wasn’t able to care for them.

Sometimes people fall in love with these tiny puppies but they fail to realize the responsibility they have. Once that part of it sinks in they may put it up for adoption as they don’t feel they can adequately care for it.

There are also Yorkie rescues out there where these puppies end up. You can do a search online to see if there are any such locations close to you.

If you want a Yorkie pup but can’t afford one from a breeder then adoption is a good alternative. It will cost you much less and enable you to get the delightful dog you have been wishing for.


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