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Advertising a Yorkie Terrier for Sale

leaf Advertising a Yorkshire terrier for sale often means you won’t have any trouble selling it. There are many people out there looking for this breed of dog. So whether you have a Yorkie puppy or an older dog you can find a very good home for it.

If you are a breeder then you will often have a Yorkie terrier or two to sale. These will be the offspring of the dogs you keep.

You can be sure that people will be looking for these dogs. However, they won’t know you exist if you don’t have your information out there. Use the various types of resources available to advertise.

For example you will want to have a decent website in place. This way people can find out about your passion for Yorkies, how long you have been breeding them, and what you have for sale.

Pictures of each Yorkie terrier that is for sale will help them go faster. People just can’t get enough of their fun features and small size.

Any seller of Yorkies needs to offer pictures whenever possible. It will help entice people to spend enough money to get one of them.

If you have a Yorkie terrier who has won awards at dog shows place that information on your website too. It can show potential buyers that you have quality dogs that you breed.

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You also want to list any professional organizations you are a member of that is related to the Yorkie terrier. Consumers are starting to look more closely at such details when comparing breeders so make sure they can see what your level of credibility is.

Advertising locally is important too. Place ads in the phone book if you regularly have Yorkies for sale. You can take the names and phone numbers of those interested if you don’t have any when they call.

That way you will have some potential buyers when you have another litter of them. You can also place ads on bulletin boards, make pamphlets, and mail out fliers.

Older Yorkies can be offered for sale as well. There isn’t as high of a market for them. However, many people do want to offer them a good home.

They know an adult Yorkie isn’t going to be as active as a puppy. They also don’t have to go through the process of housebreaking it which can be a very difficult task.

It is a responsible pet owner who will ask plenty of information so make sure all of your contact information is readily available. This should include your name, phone number, and email address.

Some people are comfortable adding their home address as well. That is a personal decision for you to make though. Make sure you get back to people as quickly as possible to answer all of those questions.

Of course not everyone out there wishing for a Yorkie dog can afford to pay very much for one. If you can do so why not offer free to good homes Yorkies you have? There will be plenty of people coming to you for them rapidly.

They will be extremely excited that they can now have the chance to own one. This can be a great way for you to make someone else’s day. At the same time you will no longer be responsible for the Yorkie terrier.


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