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Properly Caring for Yorkie Dogs

leaf Properly caring for Yorkie dogs is essential if you want it to do well with you. It is fine to spoil it with love and attention, but not with other items such as foods it shouldn’t be consuming. This is a common problem for owners of a Yorkie dog but it is important to understand their health is so important.

They aren’t going to eat very much food in a day. Do you want them to fill up on junk or to fill up on what they need to grow and to keep their coat shiny?

Yorkie pups are very receptive to new things so they will eat what you offer them. If you keep it dry dog food with maybe just a bit of soft dog food mixed into it then they will become accustomed to it.

If you start them out on what foods you eat then you can’t expect them to switch to their proper diet overnight. Do both of you a favor and draw a line on the foods they shouldn’t eat.

Some individuals have the attitude that cheap Yorkies aren’t as well bred as the more expensive ones. Therefore they don’t seem to think this matters as much. However, the bloodline isn’t what is important here.

Sure, there are genetic issues that can be found more often in cheap Yorkies but you can do a great deal to reduce their risk of suffering from a variety of medical problems.

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Getting them the medical care they need is important too. In addition to regular check ups they need to get their shots. They also need to be seen as soon as something isn’t working well for them.

This way early intervention can be taken care of. The longer the medical problem develops the harder it will be to treat.

You want to avoid your Yorkie dog going in for surgery unless absolutely necessary. They don’t seem to handle anesthesia very well so it makes the procedures more of a risk for them than other breeds. This is due to their small size.

A Yorkie dog will show signs of not feeling well based on changes in behavior as well as eating habits. Pay attention to these changes so you can immediately seek the assistance of the vet when you should do so.

The amount of attention offer your Yorkie dogs is extremely important to their overall health. They are going to need to be played with and cuddled with each day. They won’t do well being left home alone for long periods of time.

They are very interactive with people. Some owners think if they leave their Yorkie dogs with other dogs or even cats they will get the socialization they need. However, that isn’t going to be the case. Yorkie dogs are very territorial and they often don’t bond well with other animals.

They also require you to spend time grooming them. Ideally you should be brushing your Yorkie dog each day. You can make it part of your time spend together if that helps.

Sit with your Yorkie dog on your lap and use a good quality brush to keep the hair free of tangles. You will need to trim it regularly too either at home or by scheduling an appointment with a groomer.


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