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Some Basic Things to Know about Caring for a Yorkie Dog

leaf There are some basic things you need to know about caring for a Yorkie dog. Sure, you may think they are small and cute and something you want to bring home. But do you have the first clue what their needs are?

They are different from many other breeds of dogs. You can’t expect them to be happy with food you place in front of them and leave them alone.

With a Yorkie dog you have to give them plenty of affection. They need that attention to be able to grown like they should.

The Yorkshire terrier breed is one that loves social interaction. Even if all their other needs are met, without this one in place they aren’t going to thrive like they should.

You need to be very careful when selecting Yorkie food. They don’t eat very much which is good news. That means you can afford to buy them the quality of food that they need to be as healthy as possible.

It needs to be low in fat and high in nutrients. Your veterinarian can help you to get it if it isn’t carried locally.

It is important to feed a Yorkie dog dry food to help keep its teeth healthy. Soft foods should only be offered when they are a puppy. Even so, it should be mixed with ½ or 2/3 dry dog food.

You may need to make adjustments to the diet of your Yorkshire terrier as well. This can be due to allergies that they may have to certain Yorkie food ingredients.

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With a Yorkshire terrier, not everything involving them will be fun and games. There are some issues specific to this breed you need to understand. Yorkie training can be very difficult.

They rank as one of the hardest breeds to get it done with. Do you have the patience and the discipline to stick with it until you can make it work?

You are going to have to implement the process with your Yorkshire terrier at an early age. Crate training seems to be one of the most effective methods.

You want to refrain from punishing your Yorkie dog for accidents though. You will find they love to please you so if you praise them when they do a good job they will be encouraged to continue doing so.

If this is a process you don’t want to mess with, you should consider getting an older Yorkshire terrier who is already house broken. Yet with that comes some habits that you may not be happy with.

They previous owner may have allowed their Yorkie dog to do things or eat items you don’t want to continue the pattern of. It is going to take some time to teach your Yorkie that new rules apply.

Regular grooming is essential for this breed of dog. You will either have to schedule time to take yours in to have it done or learn the process yourself.

It can be easier to take your Yorkie in but it will also become an ongoing expense. You will be able to save money if you learn to groom them on your own. It will only involve the cost of buying the grooming kit to get started.

Your Yorkie dog is also going to need routine medical care. This breed is known to develop medical concerns. Therefore you need to find yourself a reputable vet and keep all necessary appointments.

Take your Yorkie dog in if you see any signs that something may be wrong. If you are committed to providing these basic things for your Yorkie dog they will be very happy and healthy living in your home.


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