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Which Yorkie Do You Want? Pictures Of Yorkies Can Help You Decide

leaf If you are interested in getting a Yorkie, you may not be sure what you want. One of the best ways to spend time researching your options is to look at pictures. They can be in books, magazines, and online.

If you know someone who owns a Yorkie they will likely be happy to share their pictures with you as well.

The overall size is the main difference between the traditional Yorkshire terrier and the teacup Yorkie. They generally only weigh from 3-5 pounds while the traditional ones weigh from 5-7 pounds.

Seeing the pictures of Yorkies will allow you to notice which ones are which once you have looked at a few of them.

One thing you will notice when you look at pictures of Yorkies is the differences in their haircuts. Since they have to be trimmed quite regularly you will have plenty of options for accomplishing this.

You will also be able to try out new styles regardless of if you do the work at home or you hire a professional.

If you have a particular style in mind for your Yorkie share it with your groomer. It is easy to take in pictures of Yorkies and ask them to copy that same style.

If you don’t think that such grooming is essential you should look for Yorkie photos that show them with their hair all matted and growing out of control. It really takes away from the beauty of this breed of dog.

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You can look at pictures of Yorkies all over the world. However, you may be interested in those of Yorkies in Texas. There are quite a few proud owners of them found in that state.

Many of them are happy to show of photos of their Yorkie in action. You will also find Texas to be the home of many quality Yorkie breeders.

Since many dog shows are found in the Texas area, it isn’t uncommon to see pictures of them from such shows. You can see who the champions are and why.

If you are thinking of entering your Yorkie in and dog shows you can use this information to your advantage. You will be able to see what it is that they judges find so appealing.

There are very few people out there who can resist Yorkie pictures. These dogs are just so cute it has to bring a smile to your face. It can definitely encourage someone to buy a Yorkie as well.

The most common ones people seek out are the puppies due to their playfulness and tiny size. However, adult Yorkies can offer plenty of companionship as well.

Once you get a Yorkie, you want to make it a priority to take plenty of pictures of it. In no time at all it will be changing and growing up. You can make a book of all the haircuts your Yorkie gets as well.

That will be great fun to go back and look at. Some of the haircuts will be great and others will make you laugh as you remember them. These pictures will offer you a great way to look back over the life of your Yorkie.


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