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Yorkie Dogs Are In High Demand By Pet Lovers

leaf Yorkie dogs are in high demand by pet lovers. They are definitely an attention getter as people really like the size and the look of them.

They are often considered to be a status symbol too of someone with money or who likes to pamper their pets.

You can see them walking their Yorkie dogs around with fancy outfits on and cute bows in their hair.

Before you get a Yorkie dog for any of those reasons though you need to look at what has to go on behind the scenes. It definitely takes a great deal of patience and time to care for a Yorkie dog.

If you aren’t dedicated to doing this for personal reasons or because of your busy schedule you are better off admiring a Yorkie dog from afar.

Even though the breed is know for some common health problems, Yorkie breeders do their best to identify them. They want the breed to be known for much more than that so they try to eliminate those dogs identified with certain genetic traits from the breeding process.

Most terrier breeders really do care about their dogs and they enjoy what they do. They are in it for much more than just making money.

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Yorkie dogs don’t stay cute and adorable all by themselves. It takes a commitment from their owner to make it happen. They have very fine hair which becomes matted and hard to comb if you don’t do it every couple of days.

The hair also grows long and in all directions. That is why regular trimmings of the hair is essential to keeping them looking their very best.

Clothing is very stylish on a Yorkie dog and sometimes it is just for show. Since they do have such fine hair though they tend to get colder than other breeds of dogs.

So they place the clothing on them for their own comfort as well as to dress them up to look very cute indeed.

It a Yorkie dog seems like a great idea for your home, really consider the pros and cons of it. This is a great type of dog to have if you can commit to meeting the ongoing needs of it.

Yorkie dogs can be classified as high maintenance due to their grooming needs as well as their medical concerns.

Yet if you ask someone who has had a Yorkshire terrier for years if they would trade all that for another breed they would tell you NO in an instant. The bond that is often made between Yorkie dogs and their owners is one that isn’t easily understood unless you own one yourself.

Taking the time to evaluate if Yorkie dogs are right for you is very important. You don’t want to find yourself overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for one. If you are struggling do your best to get help from your veterinarian.

You can also look up information online. If you can’t continue to care for it, contact a Yorkie rescue center. They can help to find a quality home for it so you don’t have to worry.


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