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Qualities of a Reputable Yorkshire Terrier Breeder

leaf There are certain qualities you should look for in a reputable Yorkshire terrier breeder. This way you can avoid later discovering that your puppy came from a mill where they breed the dogs continuously so they can make as much money as possible.

Some people don’t seem to care about the breeder information but you should be responsible enough to do so. It will affect the overall well being of the dog you decide to take home with you.

One reason why people tend to bypass a breeder has to do with the cost of the puppies they offer. It can be quite expensive but you have to consider their costs as well.

While they are definitely making a profit, they most likely aren’t getting rich from it. The overhead for such an operation is quite high.

A good place to start is to see if the breeder is a member of the Yorkshire terrier club of America. There are strict guidelines in place that have to continually be met before a breeder can be listed there.

Clicking on that link and finding out what is listed can help you get your hands on breeders to look into if you haven’t developed many leads on your own so far.

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If possible talk to the breeder in person. You will be able to learn much more if you do so. For example you can evaluate for yourself how clean the place is.

Do the dogs look well cared for? Do they have enough space to be happy? Do they look like they are eating enough? How does the grooming of the dogs appear?

Pay attention to how the dogs and the breeder interact. Do they seem very happy when the breeder approaches them? Are they afraid and try to get out of the way? Does the breeder take the time to talk to the dogs and to pat them.

Social interaction is so vital to the Yorkie that this is an essential of a good breeder. If the breeder doesn’t let you look at the dogs with your own eyes it could indicate they have something to hide.

Find out information on how often they are breeding each of the Yorkie females. It shouldn’t be more than twice per year.

Some of the top quality breeders only do so once per year. The males should only be breed up to four times per year.

Ask about medical evaluations as well. This way you can make sure that various medical concerns are being taken into consideration.

While all of this is taking place, a reputable breeder should be asking you some questions as well. They should have an interest in why you want the puppy. A quality breeder is dedicated to making sure each one goes to a great home above making money.

What is the breeder willing to put in writing? This is very important as you should never buy a pup from a breeder without a contract signed by both parties.

It should stipulate that you can bring the puppy back in a specific time frame if you can’t care for it or there are health concerns that emerge.

Should you see things that make you worry about the breeder’s care of the dogs you need to report it. Even if you only have a gut instinct you should have the authorities check it out.

While most of the time you will find a Yorkshire terrier breeder to be doing everything by the book it isn’t always the case. You don’t want to look the other way when any dog isn’t being treated right.


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