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Why Buy From a Yorkie Breeder Rather Than a Pet Shop?

8 Reasons To Buy Your Puppy From A Yorkie Breeder

If you are planning on purchasing a purebred Yorkie puppy for show or breeding when he or she matures, your best possible option is to buy from an established, reputable breeder.

Let me explain a little more.

There are very few purebreds from non-championship lines that ever make it big in the show ring and usually this is the key to staring a kennel or getting your own breeding line established. There are also two distinct types of Yorkie puppy and those are show and pet quality. Pet quality puppies will be sold as pet quality clearly indicated on the sales contract and the same is true for show quality ones.

Typically pet quality puppies from a reputable breeder will also come with the requirement that they be spayed or neutered and not used for breeding purposes. This provides the original breeder with the knowledge that the puppy will not fall into the hands of a disreputable breeder or to a puppy mill.

Purchasing your puppy from a reputable breeder provides you with:

- Peace of mind as to the medical background of the puppy's parents in current and past generations. The breeder will provide you with a pedigree either when you pick up the puppy or before, which will outline as many generations back as possible. Many Yorkie breeders now have computer programs that generate a pedigree, but a handwritten copy is just as good.

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- Quality assurance that the puppy you purchase will meet breed standards and specifications. This will be true with show quality pups, however not all pet quality puppies for sale will meet all breed standards and they may have disqualifying faults. Ask the breeder to explain the difference and the faults in a pet quality puppy before buying.

- Support in understanding and working with the breed of your choice. A good quality Yorkie breeder will be an asset to you in providing information about the breed as well as giving you pointers on showing, breeding and even training in the future.

- Advice as to vaccination regimes, medical concerns associated with the breed, local trainers and handlers, and other questions you may have. Most breeders will have other kennels and breeders in different areas that they can also provide as resources if you are moving or if you are purchasing the puppy in an area away from where you live.

- Assurance that the puppy can be registered. For a puppy to be registered, both the dam and sire must also be registered and that information provided to the new owner or owners. A reputable breeder will typically include all that information on the bill of sale or the sales contract, plus they will assist you with registering the puppy should there be any concerns or problems.

- Health guarantee and vaccination records will all be included in the paperwork from the breeder. This is important as the Yorkie breed does have several genetic health conditions that may not be evident until the puppy gets older. Always ask about health issues in the breeding line and carefully read the health guarantee or warranty that the breeder is offering.

- For show quality puppies the breeder will usually provide a fertility guarantee, although there may be exceptions and limitations on this guarantee. The breeder may also retain the right to approve any future breeding of the puppy when it matures to ensure that the dog will only be used in the advancement of the breed, not in a for profit breeding program such as a puppy mill.

- A quality breeder will also usually provide a package, basket or starter kit for your new puppy. This will usually include detailed information about the breed, enough food for the first day or two, as well as ideas and tips for helping your puppy settle in.

The breeder’s role is to continue to choose dogs to breed that will enhance the most desirable characteristics of the breed, and minimize any undesirable characteristics. A Yorkie breeder will usually be active in showing animals, and will be very aware of the current trends in the breed, so they will be actively pursuing the breed standards.

In addition to being aware of current and future trends, a good breeder will also be aware of the history and lineage of each individual dog that they have, and will be aware of any potential problems in breeding into another line.

So take your time and don't rush the process of buying your Yorkie.

All the best.


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