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Owning Miniature Yorkshire Terriers can be Great Fun


Owning miniature Yorkshire terriers can be great fun! Yet not everyone is up to the task of caring for them. They are extremely small dogs, no more than five pounds. The smallest ones are about three pounds.

Therefore they are at risk of being injured due to falling or being dropped. They also are no match for larger dogs who are more aggressive or who feel threatened by this smaller breed of dog.

If you love the way the miniature teacup Yorkie looks then you need to make sure you can properly care for it. They require a great deal of protection so they won't be injured.

You also need to make sure you have the right food for it, understand grooming needs, and get it ongoing medical care.

These Toy dogs are very expensive though so not everyone can purchase them. They are usually at least two thousand dollars from a breeder. You can sometimes get lucky though and get them from private individuals.

You may be able to get one from a rescue centre as well, although you will have to be very lucky. This will allow you to save a lot of money on the cost of buying one.

If you enjoy dog shows, miniature Yorkshire terriers are a great breed to enter. They are adorable and will certainly gain the attention of the judges. It does take some time and effort though to train them to perform well at these shows.

Yet the recognition for the top contenders is well worth it. Their offspring can also merit a very high price on the market due to their lineage.

There is no question that owning one of these special dogs can be great fun. However, you need to evaluate all of the issues and make sure you are up to the task.

Too many people purchase this breed of dog for the way it looks. They don't have a clue that it has special needs.

Therefore they aren't able to enjoy it to the fullest. You need to make sure you don't find yourself falling into this trap.

The more information you have about miniature Yorkshire terriers before you look for one the better. You will have an idea of what to look for and where to get one that is very good quality.

Since they are so expensive you don't want to get taken advantage of. Most breeders are quite honest but some of them aren't.

Those who aren't ethical may take you for a ride because they don't think you know any better. There are also puppy mills out there pretending to be quality breeders and you need to be able to tell the difference.

It is very important to understand that this dog breed make very demanding pets. They need to have constant interaction.

This isn't a good breed of dog for someone who isn't home very much. If you aren't dedicated to spending a great deal of your time with your pet then it isn't going to work, and this breed is not for you.

They also are prone to severe medical problems. You need to be committed to seeing a great vet from the very start. Keep up on routine checkups, shots, and taking your dog in when something doesn't seem right.

Your vet can also help you develop a good diet and exercise plan to keep your miniature puppy as healthy as possible.

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