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Yorkie Dog Clothes - What are Some Options For your Dog?

There is quite a nice selection of clothing out there for you to put on your Yorkshire terrier. Sweaters have always been quite common to keep them comfortable and warm during the colder part of the year.

Since they have such fine hair, it doesn't keep them as warm as the fur on most other breeds of dogs. If you want something different, why not go with a sweatshirt in just the right size?

However, there are many different types dog clothes you can choose from just to make them more stylish. It can be quite fun to do so and it can certainly help you to make a statement.

Are you tired of people asking if your dog is a boy or a girl? Add some different types of clothing and they will be able to tell on their own.

Adding some bows for the girls is a great way to complete their look as well.

Do you have a favorite sports team? There are many dog clothes designed to represent a particular team. You can get them clothes with team colors and logos on them.

You can also get certain players names and numbers placed on them as well. This is a great way to show your team spirit on game day! These t-shirts are often lightweight so they can also be worn when the weather is warm.

There is certainly no shortage of themed outfits out there either for you to put on your favourite pet. Perhaps you like the tough look so something in leather that is similar to biker wear is what you are after.

You may want your female dog to be in style so a great looking dress is perfect.

There are some wonderful costumes you can choose from for Halloween or other holidays. Your special pup can be a princess, a witch, or even a fireman.

There are too many of these great costumes to choose from so you should look around online to see them all. Chances are you will find several that you want to purchase for your dog.

To help you get the most benefit out of these items, look for dog clothes that are easy to put on and to take off. They should fit well so that they don't slip off.

However, you want to make sure they aren't too tight to make them uncomfortable. Your dogs should be able to continue moving around for regular activities without any trouble when they are wearing clothing.

You also want to invest in well made clothing so that it will last for a while. With a puppy, they will outgrow their dog clothes so it is best not to spend too much on them.

For fully grown dogs though, you can spend more as they will be able to continue wearing them for a very long time.

When you wash the dog clothes, you want to do so with detergent that is fragrance free. This way it won't aggravate the skin of your dog. You also want to let the items air dry so they won't shrink in the drier.

If you have a good collection of dog clothes for your puppy you can change their outfits quite often.

A wide variety of dog clothes can be found at various retail stores and pet stores. You will find many different sizes and styles to choose from. There are also dealers online that only sell Yorkie dog clothes.

They are made to fit this particular breed of dog so they will fit better than those you find that are made to be universal for all breeds of small dogs.

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All the best.