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Reasons Why Toy Yorkshire Terriers May Make Good Pets

Even though they require plenty of attention, toy Yorkshire terriers make great pets. People really enjoy them because they are so small. They don't require a very big space around your home to be happy in. That makes it much easier to care for them.

They are very easy to carry around and to get to the vet without too much of a fuss. If you have ever had to haul a large breed of dog to your car and into the vet's office then you can certain appreciate the value of this.

A toy Yorkshire terrier kennel is a necessity though even though they don't take up very much room. There will be times when you need to clean your home or you will be rushing around. Maybe you will have may guests over and it all comes down to the safety of the toy Yorkshire terriers.

By placing them in the kennel you don't have to worry about them getting stepped on. That can result in some very serious injuries and unfortunately this type of accident is very common for toy Yorkshire terriers.

A toy Yorkshire terrier kennel can also be a place for them when you can't give them attention right then. They are very curious and can get themselves into a great deal of trouble when they are allowed to run around unsupervised.

Make sure you the kennel you offer gives enough room to play and move around in. However, you don't want it to be too large or it can create anxiety for toy Yorkshire terriers.

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They also don't eat very much which is good news. To feed a larger breed dog can cost about $100 each month. That is very expensive and many people just can't afford to do so. Toy Yorkshire terriers don't require too much food at each meal so you can spend that money on something else.

They are quite energetic and so you can have fun with them. They enjoy playing with toys and interacting with people. They can spend a great deal of time each day just playing and getting exercise.

Since they are so small you won't have to worry about them taking you for a walk instead of you taking them! They really do crave attention from people so you can bet your toy Yorkshire terrier is always going to be happy to see you.

Toy Yorkies are known for being very loyal to their owners. They do what they can to keep them happy. So if you give your toy Yorkshire terrier plenty of praise each time it does something you like it will continue to do that particular behavior.

Ignore the other behaviors or remove the Yorkie from it and they will soon realize you aren't happy with it. As a result they will soon stop engaging in those particular behaviors.

You will love being able to snuggle up with toy Yorkshire terriers. They really enjoy it unlike many other breeds of dogs. You can also have a great time changing their grooming style, There are great outfits you can put on them as well.

It is just as much fun as dressing up a young child! Don't forget the many accessories too including studded collars, bows, ribbons, and jackets to complete the look.


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