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Information about the Tea Cup Yorkshire Terrier

The tea cup Yorkshire terrier is the smallest of this group of dogs. It isn't a breed of its own but rather the result of taking the smallest Yorkshire terriers and breeding them.

This way the overall size of the puppies can be controlled. You will find that the cost for this dog is in the thousands due to their small size.

The females generally only have one or two per litter. This means there aren't many to get your hands on from a single mom.

She won't be bred more than a couple of times per year either. Generally the smaller the size of the dog the more likely it is that they will have complications with the delivery.

It can end up being very expensive to get these females adequate medical care to deliver them. They may have a long recovery period as well.

That may result in the female only being bred once per year instead of twice. When you go to a dog show for the Yorkie breed, you will likely find these smaller ones entered in competitions.

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In addition to their small size people enjoy this pup due to the features it offers. The ears are generally worked with at a young age so that they stand up on their own.

They have a short stubby tail that is very active when they are excited. Their facial features have many great characteristics. You can also change the look of them by choosing various grooming styles.

The Maltese Yorkie mix is becoming extremely popular as well. Not everyone can afford this smaller type dog so they find it to be a good compromise.

It is a mix between a Yorkie and a Maltese. They are recognized by various kennel clubs and so they can be entered in dog shows.

They feature gorgeous coloring including variations of gold, brown, and black. Some of them will feature very long fine hair and others have shorter hair.

So the grooming process can be different than with the typical smaller type of dog. You may find you have to do it more often or it can be something you don't have to do quite as regularly.

They will be larger than the smallest type dog though. They generally range in size from 6 to 9 pounds. So their size is more comparable to that of a Maltese than that of a Yorkie.

One of the advantages is that this mix will be much easier to housebreak than the smaller pup. They are full of energy and generally have fewer medical problems than full blooded dogs.

If you can't get enough of this dog there are plenty of great collectibles you can buy. You can also get some free items to display.

For example Yorkshire terrier wall paper for your computer background can be a great way to show your love for this type of dog. There are many different pictures you can choose from too.

Some people change them when they get tired of looking at the same one too long. Others like to change that breed's wall paper for various times of the year such as holidays.

Make a folder for them on your computer so you can easily pull out a new one to display whenever you want to.


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