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Should You Get a Yorkie Rescue? That's a Good Question!

Important facts about Yorkie Rescue

From the desk of Sharda Baker

Thanks for joining me.

So often we see news reports of a "puppy mill" where Yorkshire Terriers as well as other small dogs are involved.

The pictures tug at the heartstrings and the emotion wells up, you want to help that dog and give her a home.

Several thousand other animal lovers are thinking the same thing and there's nearly a frenzy for a dog that, according to many groups, has been anti-social, with health issues and a host of problems.

Should you take on a rescue? Should breeders be ignored because of the actions of others? Change the picture in your mind, that is only one facet of rescue dogs.

There are dogs in rescue for many reasons! Yorkshire Terriers, because they're one of the leading popular breeds, are often in rescue but yet often difficult to get in rescue.

It's a difficult situation trying to not only find the right dog but bring him to your home.

How much time do you want to put into finding one? This decision can make sense for many reasons.

An older, calmer dog is through the puppy stage.

They're often already housebroken, and sometimes it's just that the dogs need a second chance.

Perhaps his owner passed away, or the family lost their home and can't find a rental that will take pets, or perhaps it's a breeder who has a lovely dog that just isn't going to add to their breeding program the way they need, so she needs a home.

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There are many reasons a dog can need a home besides simply being in a shelter or at a rescue.

Each rescue and shelter has their own rules and requirements, with many being quite restrictive and eliminating many people who would provide a wonderful home for their dogs.

Keep looking - don't let the frustration in dealing with people and rules mean you give up on finding your ideal Yorkshire Terrier pet! Some websites such as have dozens of dogs, both purebred and crossbred that are in need of homes for a host of reasons.

Providing a home for one of these dogs means the rescue has room to go help one more dog that needs a home, and you get a wonderful dog who would otherwise not have a home where they are happy and healthy.

Make a mental decision as well as an emotional one.

At any given time there are hundreds of Yorkie dogs available both privately and through non-profit rescues and shelters.

Many have strict requirements that keep most people from getting a dog, such as a non-negotiable fenced yard.

For the apartment dweller or the person in the country looking for a house dog that means not getting a pet, even if on a leash all the time when outside.

Still others want information that seems more like a job application - social security number, work address and stipulations that if anything changes they can take the dog back.

Many people are not comfortable with giving that much information to a private person or non-profit, and with identity theft a growing problem there's little reason to.

There are many dogs that need homes, and if you continue searching you will find one that fits your life and your home.

That is your ideal pet, no matter what he looks like.

The southern part of the US especially has many Yorkie Dogs looking for permanent homes that are often overlooked.

Most rescues or shelters will have a fee that helps cover costs and goes towards helping other dogs.

Your new pet will be spayed or neutered, be heartworm tested and vaccinated for diseases that could take him from you.

If you get your dog from a good rescue, the foster can often give you insight into the particular dog that you're looking at - which can be invaluable.

You might find he's the ideal one or that there's a habit, such as barking, that would not be something that you could deal with.

It is better to know this up front rather than shifting a dog from home to home.

There are good Yorkie Dogs out there needing homes - look at them.

Also, Don't discount a bad picture - some dogs are more photogenic than others! Your perfect pet may be camera shy and not at the best light.

Have questions to ask and things you "must have" and find that perfect pet.

And remember - Don't overlook Yorkie Breeders! I will be back with some more tips soon.

All the best.


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