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Secret Methods Used by Yorkie Breeders to get the Best Results

leaf There are a variety of methods used by Yorkie breeders to ensure the parents are healthy. They want their puppies to be high quality, which means they have the best physical characteristics.

It also means they aren’t passing along the genetic markers known for physical disabilities and common medical problems among this population. Quality breeders are very excited when their dogs are ready to breed. They do all they can to offer them a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Even though there is a very high demand for Yorkie puppies, most breeders aren’t getting them out there as quickly as possible. They have concerns for the well being of the mothers.

It can be very hard on the body of such a small dog to have litter after litter. Therefore they limit it to a couple of pregnancies per year. This will likely yield between four and six puppies per year.

There is a great deal going on behind the scenes with Yorkie breeders. Before they have those adorable puppies around to sell they will have the adults evaluated by medical professionals.

They will also be giving them plenty of room in the kennels and a diet of quality food. All of this will help to get the best possible quality Yorkie puppies available. It will also help to keep the adult dogs in good enough health to continue reproducing.

You will find there are many breeders of Yorkshire terriers who use holistic methods. This means that various ailments are resolved using natural ingredients instead of medications. For example they may use acupuncture when there is a dog with physical problems that affect movement.

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They also use common sense methods to control weight and health concerns. For example they pay close attention to the diet and how much exercise each dog gets daily.

They also play with each one and carefully groom it. That way all of their basic needs are covered and the dogs stay healthier overall.

In order for successful mating to occur, the female Yorkie in heat has to be matched with the right male. Since a female in heat will be a regular occurrence the breeders have to keep them separated from the males.

The interactions they do have are carefully calculated so that they successfully mate at the right times of the year.

Teacup Yorkie breeders have to also be very careful about the size of the dogs they use for breeding. This is because a teacup should never be more than five pounds in weight when they are full grown.

The buyer is willing to pay more for the cost of this breeding process. It is harder for these smaller dogs to give birth naturally. Therefore they are bred less often. They also may require the help of a veterinarian for the delivery and that can be expensive.

It is very common for breeders to have a written contract in regards to teacup Yorkies. It will stipulate that if the dog gets bigger than a specific size then the buyer can bring it back for a refund.

This is how teacup Yorkie breeders instill confidence in the buyer that the puppy they pay for is worth it.


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