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Where Did the Yorkshire Terrier Come From?

leaf The Yorkshire terrier has a rich history that is known around the world. They were originally found in the various areas of England where people gathered for work. As people relocated to the area they brought along their dogs that were a variety of different breeds.

What many people don’t realize is that those early Yorkshire terrier dogs were much bigger than what we know today. They weren’t beloved pets like they are today either.

Instead their job was to hunt and kill the rats that were found in the work place and along the streets.

It was over a period of several decades that the various other breeds of dogs making up the Yorkies were weeded out. Breeders were very careful to keep the traits they really wanted to see continue in the puppies. As a result the breed we know today as the Yorkshire terrier emerged.

It is quite interesting to look at Yorkies pics from those early days until now. You will certainly notice quite a few differences between them. However, you will also find many similarities that continue to be part of the Yorkshire terrier history today as well.

These Yorkshire terrier images can certainly peak your interest into getting one of them for yourself someday.

The Yorkshire terrier history took a turn for the better when it was introduced in the United States. This was in the early 1870’s. From here it was in high demand and then found its way into various dog shows. Today it is recognized by the AKC and is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in all of the world.

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Even so, it may surprise you to look at Yorkshire terrier images from the early 1930’s. Rather than weighing only 5-7 pounds as they do today the average weight was 30 pounds. That is quite a difference from the small dogs we know and love today.

You will also find that some things have improved for the Yorkshire terrier over the years. This is due to technology which can determine genetic markers. Since this breed is prone to a variety of medical problems knowing who carries what is important to the breed.

According to early Yorkshire terrier history, breeding was often done according to size, and the characteristics offered. Today it is based on the overall health of the dogs in most cases.

At least this is what the reputable Yorkshire terrier breeders are practicing. The goal is to eliminate as many of these health concerns from the breed as possible.

This particular breed of dog continues to peak the interest of people from all walks of life. That is why it costs so much to buy a Yorkshire terrier from a reputable breeder.

Still, people continue to invest in them because they want this type of dog around them. Some of them are looking for show quality Yorkies that they can proudly display.

The future looks very bright for the Yorkshire terrier though regardless of their health concerns or high prices. They simply have become such a part of our history that people want to continue having them around. You have likely seen many a Yorkshire terrier in movies, commercials, and other forms of advertising. They definitely get the attention of those around them.


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